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Read the testimonials and reviews from those who have collaborated with D1gitise and myself throughout my career in the digital space. These insights come from a diverse group, including former employers, colleagues, and clients across various industries and businesses we’ve served. This range of perspectives offers a comprehensive view of our expertise and impact.

Ethical Angel

We selected D1gitise to help us to elevate brand awareness and build out the marketing side of our lead-generation engine. They were relentless in identifying key areas which needed improvement and laid out a comprehensive and scalable strategy. The impact of which is still being felt today.

Results aside, D1gitise were an absolute pleasure to work with and a consultancy I hope to work with again in the near future

Henry Butters - Commercial Lead

MagiClick (UK) / Dock9

Myself and the Dock9 team have had the pleasure of working with Rick on a number of digital projects over the past 4 years during his time as Head of Digital at Castle Trust and Wellesley. Throughout these projects Rick has combined a laser-like focus on delivering exceptional user experiences, which coupled with his holistic understanding of digital technology and business processes, makes him a valuable asset to companies embarking on digital transformation. While it’s fair to say Rick pushes agencies hard, ultimately he delivers where it counts: creating next-generation digital experiences.

Mark Lusted - CEO

Castle Trust Bank

I worked with Rick at Castle Trust and during that period, he used his considerable digital skills, knowledge and understanding to deliver significant business volumes and increases in customer numbers, and brand awareness. His digital marketing knowledge, combined with his commercial awareness, would make him an asset to any company that wishes to develop & implement a market-leading digital strategy.

Jeremy Stevens - Head of Marketing

Castle Trust Bank

Rick has been a real pleasure to work with, he did an exceptional job producing the digital marketing strategy for Castle Trust, which we worked together to implement over the last year seeing excellent results for the business. Rick will transform the way your organisation does digital marketing. Hope we work together again in the future!

David Brookes - Lead UI Developer

Discount Supplements

Since beginning my time under Rick’s management I can honestly say that the 2 years have flown by, Rick’s capacity to manage me as an individual has been impeccable. I have acquired numerous skills both specific to marketing and life in general thanks to Rick’s tentativeness, consideration, willingness to help and exemplary knowledge. Efficiency is one of the main things Rick has taught me, instilling the most effective and time efficient ways of doing things has been one of Rick’s main lessons. Alongside this he has taught me what it is to be honest, open and goal driven, every project he set was target driven with the best interests of the company in mind, never his own. Rick’s demeanour exudes selflessness, integrity and hard work, a combination that is inspiring to me and the rest of our team.

Give Rick a project and it will be done, give him a deadline and he’ll hit it, ask him a question and he’ll answer it, throw him a curve ball and Rick is the type who will do anything to adjust for it. He is fair yet firm, he is fun yet not to be taken lightly, and his professionalism and personal integrity is what sets Rick apart from any other manager I’ve worked for. Rick is a doer and won’t rest on his Laurels, he leads by example…an example I continue to aspire to everyday.

Tom Irving - Head Dietitian

Glasses Direct

Rick is a highly motivated and driven online marketing expert with no-nonsense pragmatism and a strong team player too. I recruited Rick into Glasses Direct at a time when our online marketing was still in early stages of development. Rick built an excellent cross-channel dashboard and oversaw the implementation of a best practise attribution model as well as bringing paid search in-house, managing SEO, appointing a new affiliate agency and managing our display ads amongst many other projects. With hands-on expertise in each of the core online disciplines, Rick's immensely capable - he has also shown his people development skills whilst in the role. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rick as an asset to any size of online business.

Chris Simpson - Head of Marketing

Glasses Direct

Rick is all about getting the job done and not beating around the bush. He expects a lot of himself, a lot of those he's working with and he's a great person to share the office with to boot. Always pushing for better results he takes the opportunities as they come, makes them if they don't, and drives the business forward but he's also quick to recognise the efforts of others which makes it a real pleasure working with him.

Matthew Pontefract - Chief Technology Officer

Conversion Counts

I worked with Rick on various SEO projects in one of the most competitive industries at the moment. Rick's knowledge of the online marketing landscape in particular SEO and willingness to think out side the box was paramount to the success of these projects. Looking forward to working with him again in future!

Ran Nir - Founder

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